Thursday, June 10, 2004

First Photos from my Camera

Finally, got the first film ,taken on my new F75 camera, developed for 18 odd franks. It was a costly deal, but then I had to check my camera too!!
Got mixed results:) Out of 36, only 26 could be developed. None the less, these are of excellent quality, and I can definitely pet my shoulder for the first attempt at a good camera. But I was disappointed with the missed night light photos of Bern, seems I had not kept the camera still for 15 secs(the exposure time). I feel like punching the seller, who had still not given me the fucking English manual!!

Btw, my favourites are the ones of the Cathedral, me on the river arre, the Bird one(though what i intended didn't come through!) and the one on Geneva airport(the colour effects are just wonderful)..
will soon scan and upload the photographs...